Construction Update – April 2024

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We are thrilled to provide you with some exciting updates on the progress of our ongoing projects and developments within our community at Orana.

Stage 18: With the completion of drainage work in Stage 18, our construction team has been making substantial progress on water and gas infrastructure, alongside the commencement of critical electrical and NBN works. Title registration is still anticipated for Q3 2024.

Landscape Delivery:
Soil enhancement and construction of tree pits in Stage 14 have been successfully concluded this month. Improved and fertilised topsoil has been installed, initiating the planting of trees. Over the next fortnight, we expect the planting of turf and garden beds, with practical completion of all works expected by Mid-May 2024.

We’re pleased to announce that Council has granted landscape approval for Stage 11 this month, with works scheduled to commence in July 2024. Following suit, Stages 12, 10, & 8 are slated for Q3 2024, culminating in the landscaping of all stages within our initial permit area by end of year. An impressive total of 620 trees are projected to be planted in 2024, enhancing the environmental sustainability of our project.

Our team has been actively advancing the design and securing approvals for the wetland project adjoining the town centre. Despite its complexity, which involves multiple stakeholders and government entities, we are making significant progress.

Currently, we are awaiting approval from Melbourne Water for the functional design. Once obtained, this approval will pave the way for us to move forward with the detailed design phase and, ultimately, commence construction.

Our target timeline is to initiate the construction of the wetland by December 2024. However, this milestone is contingent upon receiving timely approvals from the relevant authorities.

We remain committed to delivering this essential project and will continue to keep all stakeholders informed of our progress.

Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s construction update. If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly sales team.

Orana Town Centre

✨Earthworks Progress: Earthworks for the Orana Town Centre are currently in progress as we eagerly await engineering approval from the Council to proceed with road and infrastructure development.

✨Anticipated Timeline: We expect to receive the necessary approval to commence road and infrastructure works to support Coles by mid-2024. Following this, actual road works will commence shortly thereafter.

✨Collaboration with Coles: In addition to the earthworks, we have been actively supporting Coles in navigating the town planning permit process with the Council. This collaborative effort involves input from various local council departments to ensure the overall layout and design of the town centre meet community needs and standards.

✨Next Steps: Once Coles secures their town planning permit approval, they will proceed with a detailed design approval process with the Council. This phase will involve a closer examination of the centre’s design and associated retail spaces to ensure they align with the approved plans and regulatory requirements.