Construction Update – June 2024

Posted in: Construction

We are pleased to provide you with the latest updates on the construction progress and community developments within Orana, make sure to check out our latest Aerial Update or our detailed Stage Updates to see the growth of our community for yourself!

Stage 18: 
The construction team has successfully delivered crucial Electrical and NBN infrastructure in Stage 18 this month, marking a significant milestone towards the final construction activities leading up to Council Practical Completion. With most infrastructure services now in place, our focus will shift to completing the final concrete, asphalt, and topsoiling works. Title registration is on track for August 2024.

Stage 19: 
In Stage 19, the team has completed water and gas infrastructure as scheduled this month. The upcoming priority for July involves the completion of Electrical and NBN infrastructure, progressing towards the final civil construction activities. Title registration is anticipated for September 2024.

Landscape Delivery: 
We are excited to announce that we have awarded a landscape construction tender for the completion of landscaping in Stages 8, 10, 11, 12 & 13A. Supergardens, our landscape construction partner, will undertake this substantial work. Landscaping is set to commence with Stage 11 in July 2024, with subsequent stages scheduled for completion in Q3 2024.

Please stay updated on the ongoing developments at the intersection of Orana Boulevard & Patterson’s Road, where we plan to install flagpoles and additional planting in July 2024, alongside an entry feature pending Council approval.

Orana Town Centre: 
Progress on the Orana Town Centre remains unchanged this month. Earthworks are ongoing, awaiting Council engineering approval to begin road and infrastructure works. We expect approval to commence road and infrastructure works to support Coles by Mid-2024, with actual road works to follow soon after.

We have also been actively supporting Coles throughout their town planning permit process with the Council. This comprehensive process entails input from various departments within the local council to finalise the layout and design of the town centre. Once Coles secures their town planning permit approval, they will proceed with the detailed design approval process with Council, focusing on refining the centre’s specifics and its retail spaces.

Similarly, there have been no significant updates on the wetland this month. We continue to advance the design and await Melbourne Water’s approval of the functional design, aiming for construction to commence in December 2024 pending approvals from authorities. 

Stage 22 Park: 
Efforts are underway to expedite the delivery of Stage 22 Park for the community. We are preparing schematic concept plans for submission to Council, with plans to present them later this month. Forecasted completion remains for Mid-2026.

Interim Community Garden: 
We have initiated the setup of the community garden, having ordered planter boxes and necessary materials to support its establishment.

Balcon Group has been actively engaged in advocating for enhanced telecommunication services this month. Our discussions with government and telecommunication providers are ongoing as we work towards improving services for the community. It’s important to note that while we do not have authority over the installation or approval of telecommunication towers, we remain committed to advocating on behalf of the community to secure this essential service.

Make sure to visit the Construction Update section of our website for further details. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.