At Orana, community comes first.

MyOrana has been created exclusively for residents to have access to all the latest news, events, ballots, suggestion boxes, support and more.

Our aim is to engage directly with our community so that Orana evolves from the needs and desires of its residents. We are here to listen and respond on a personal level so please get involved and participate in shaping your community by sharing your suggestions and feedback.

We truly do wish to make Orana one of the most exciting, vibrant and welcoming communities in the South East.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Your Community Manager

Charlotte has been part of the project from its beginnings and is passionate about the vision for Oranas future.

She believes that to create a strong community it’s essential that there is a platform to share ideas and for residents to voice their opinions. She is excited to be a part of shaping a harmonious and vibrant community in collaboration with its residents.

Charlotte is available to provide support in all matters related to living at Orana. Please reach out if you have any questions, issues, suggestions or community-focused ideas.

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