Orana Park ?

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We are beyond thrilled to announce the Orana Park, our very first park, is now complete and open to the public! 

Balcon is a family-owned business, so family and connectedness are what drive us to deliver harmonious and vibrant community spaces, where residents can live a happy and healthy life. The Orana Park was constructed early in the development phase, a testament to Balcon’s dedication to green spaces and community togetherness.  

The Orana Park truly is one of a kind. Not only does it feature the latest, state-of-the-art play equipment, but is also home to incredible sculptural elements. Creativity is at the core of Orana and features in all parts of community life – including our wonderful park. A special experience is a promise for the entire family with every visit!

Come and discover the many features the Orana Park has to offer! 

Geoffrey Ricardo

There are multiple sculptures in Orana Park that are wondrous and connect our residents to the environment. The magnificent “Watering Spirit” sculpture by Geoffrey Ricardo, collects rain in cups on a ‘Tree of Life’ for the local birds to drink and bathe in.
The sculpture is connected to recycled water with a nearby push-button to trigger the flow of water from each of the plates. This interactive function has been designed to provide an element of both art and play!

Art and Nature

Spectacular owl and wombat timber sculptures overlook Orana Park. They were carved by Shlomit Moria, a very talented Victorian chainsaw artist.
Balcon is proud of having sculptures of wildlife because they foster within us a love and connection to the native environment.

Green spaces to move and explore

Green spaces have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Orana Park is perfect for the family to be active. There is a fitness circuit with five stations for the community to use. It’s the ideal space to explore and connect with the family.
There are other features for all ages to explore and discover, such as a sand and water table for young ones to discover, as well as timber cubbies for exploration. There is a safe place to skate or ride their bikes and scooters on a path with bumps and berms and a cricket wall with permanent wickets.

Please note permanent toilet facilities and BBQ area facilities will be installed and fully operational in April. Thank you for your patience.

We hope you enjoy yourselves and have fun exploring!