Harmonious, vibrant, community living

Balcon Group is committed to developing healthy, happy and sustainable communities in Melbourne’s South-East, where our family-owned business first began.

Our vision is to consistently deliver our very best for every community we create.

Inspired by an indigenous word meaning welcome, Orana embodies the ideal of harmonious, vibrant, community living in a beautifully landscaped urban setting that retains its connections to the natural environment.


Community Creators

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Balcon Group

Balcon Group originated in Melbourne in 1981 and has extensive experience in construction and property development.

A family-owned company, Balcon Group has successfully delivered a number of commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Balcon Group has a proud history of philanthropy and supports organisations including The Florey Institute Motor Neurone Disease Research, Cabrini hospital and is a Foundation Partner of the City of Casey Bunjil Place Community Arts fund.


Jason Shaw

General Manager, Balcon Group

What does working on the Orana community mean to you?

I feel extremely fortunate to be part of the team bringing the Orana community to life. The creation of a healthy, happy and sustainable community is central to everything we do. Our simple philosophy is that if we stay true to our vision and consistently deliver great community outcomes– business success will take care of itself.  Over many years, Balcon Group has formed a close team of consultants and contractors specialising in a range of professional disciplines including civil engineering and construction, urban planning and design, landscape architecture, cultural heritage and environmental science. The entire team is deeply committed to the Orana vision and are empowered to challenge conventional ways of doing things. Covering nearly 275 hectares and eventually becoming home to over 4,000 households – Orana is an important legacy project for the City of Casey. Balcon has embraced this responsibility through initiatives such as EnviroDevelopment (6-leaf sustainability rating), Urban Forest Project, Homes 4 Homes and the support of the arts in collaboration with the City of Casey at Bunjil Place.

What are the most exciting features and amenities of Orana?

The Orana masterplan has so many features that it is difficult to select favourites! Orana is a remarkable project because of its scale and the diversity of land-uses it will contain. The community will have many of their essential needs, such as shops, parks and schools all within easy walking or cycling distance. In our role as masterplanner and developer – it is our job to connect these destinations with safe and convenient pathways lined with beautiful trees. This will ensure that Orana develops a high level of self-containment where the residents can “live local” in a community with a clear identity and sense of pride.

Another outstanding features at Orana will be a walkable mixed-use town centre and town square positioned alongside wetlands and reserves. Finally, the 6 parks at Orana will be amazing. Each will have its own distinctive design theme and cater for people of all ages and abilities.

How would you best describe Orana’s community?

I would say diverse and inclusive. Orana will become home to people with many different stories and backgrounds. The design of the community is intended to bring people together and encourage the use of public spaces including streets and parks. Having so much amenity within Orana will enable people to make local connections which is the foundation for a strong and supportive community. The experience of isolation during the COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 has caused many people to think more about the importance of their local community and Orana will be facilitating this need.

Orana will be supported by Victoria’s leading home builders who designing and delivering a range of innovative, sustainable and affordable homes to meet different budgets and stages of life. This is essential in achieving a diverse and inclusive community.

What sets Orana apart from other communities?

Balcon Group has its origins is a local developer and builder in the South East of Melbourne and maintains a genuine commitment to create better communities and provide people with opportunities. This will be evident from the very first stages of development at Orana through the early delivery of parks, infrastructure and other facilities. A long term vision has been set for Orana and this is locked-in through various planning and design requirements. The Balcon team will continue to collaborate with government, home builders, and the emerging Orana community to deliver on the vision and remain at the forefront of innovation.



Core Projects

From the beginning to the end, whether you work with people or land, as specialists in project marketing, site acquisition and development sales, we’re here to work with you.

We are property professionals who have a fresh approach in an industry that has been doing things the same way for a long time. We are committed to providing our clients and customers with a service that raises the bar to a new standard, every single time.

We are proud to be a culture-driven and certified B Corporation that uses business as a force for good. We care passionately about our clients, our team, what we do and what we stand for.

So, join us on this journey and experience what it’s like to be part of the Core family.


Steve Hay,
Nicki Hay,
James Thomas

Directors, Core Projects

What does working on the Orana community mean to you?

It is an absolute honour to be working to create the future Orana community. Having always lived in the South East, it is very exciting to be a part of turning this rural land in to what will be one of the most significant projects in the area. A chance to work for a development team with a genuine interest in the story of a purchaser and exceed all expectations.

It is truly special to be here from the beginning, working alongside a diverse team of people who care about the greater impact this community will have for the City of Casey.

What are the most exciting features and amenities of Orana?

The town centre, a wetlands bigger than some land estates & a potential linear trail green link connecting the entire community.

Up to 30 percent tree canopy cover, enormous town centre and Homes for Homes contribution helping to make the City of Casey a better place.

The beautiful wetlands, the different parklands which will all have their own identities, Homes for Homes initiative and how everyone will play a part in helping contribute to this amazing cause to provide affordable social housing to the vulnerable.

What sets Orana apart from other communities?

Orana’s team is focused on people’s needs and creating a cohesive project that will be talked about for many years to come. 

The promise to be best and delivering on those promises. Balcon Group will go above and beyond to deliver on these promises to make this the best community for everyone to live here. 



Fitzgerald Frisby

FFLA aims to provide a creative, healthy and fulfilling work place for all of our staff. FFLA is aware of responsibilities to staff and seeks to mitigate our environmental impact.

FFLA provides a well resourced, creative environment to enable our team to work effectively and efficiently. The quality of the work environment is enhanced by natural light and indoor plants. We support ‘fair trade’ programs and prioritise the purchase of consumables with recycled content such as office paper with a 100% recycled content. We are proudly a certified B Corporation business.


Mark Frisby

Director, Landscape Architects

What does working on the Orana community mean to you?

It’s exciting to be part of the team for such a large project. Orana has all the ingredients of a great neighbourhood with parks, sporting facilities, tree lined streets, wetlands, community facilities, schools and shopping. We look forward to seeing each part of the project being completed over the coming years.

What are the most exciting features and amenities of Orana?

Trails, trees and art will be a feature of Orana, from the very beginning. A network of trails has already started construction which will include trails along road sides, within parks, around the wetlands and as part of linear open spaces. A specific palette of trees have been selected for Orana to maximise shade as well as providing variety over the year, including deciduous trees to provide autumn colour.  Art will be a feature across Orana to create unique spaces and places. 

How would you best describe Orana’s community?

Open spaces and streetscapes have been designed to create spaces for a healthy and active community. We look forward to seeing families playing in the park, people walking with friends and kids (of all ages) riding their bikes. Outdoor spaces will be places for the community to gather for events, catch up with friends or just relax and enjoy the outdoors.

What sets Orana apart from other communities?

The size of Orana will set it apart from other communities. Projects the size of Orana have the ability to create a community where all parts of the neighbourhood have been designed to be part of the bigger project vision.



Verve Projects

Verve is an integrated Project Management and Engineering Design consultancy providing our expertise to the property development, buildings, land subdivision and infrastructure sectors.

Verve has successfully provided its services to the property and infrastructure sectors since 2001. Every new project is an opportunity to create a successful outcome and be a part of something to be proud of – we are committed, passionate and loyal, and respect the chance to work on great projects for good people.


Ray Verratti

Managing Director, Verve Projects

What does working on the Orana community mean to you?

Verve Projects is extremely proud to be working on the Orana project.  It precisely fits our motto of working on ‘great projects for good people’.  The project provides a fantastic opportunity to create an industry leading masterplanned community based on Balcons commitment to quality.

What are the most exciting features and amenities of Orana?

Having over 42 hectares of wetlands and open space within the project provides a fantastic opportunity to encourage the re-establishment of wildlife into this area. I truly believe that our connection to nature makes us healthier and happier people. The proximity to a local town centres and schools also encourages less travel for daily needs which all helps the environment. 

How would you best describe Orana’s community?

A healthy, well connected and proud community that looks after people of all abilities.