$10K towards your new home at Orana!

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Want to save on your new home and join the Orana family?

For a limited time only, Orana is offering an amazing $10,000* saving off your new block of land in our Stage 17 Westringia Release.

Home is not just a place, it’s a feeling. A sense of comfort, of safety and family.

Visit us this weekend and see why Orana feels like home!From our carpark on Watercolour Boulevard, you can walk to the new Humble Merchant Café for a coffee, check out the Orana Community Centre and adjoining Early Learning Centre, kids can then play on one of the best playgrounds in the South East, before you take a walk through our amazing Orana Display Village featuring beautiful homes from Melbourne’s leading builders.

Best of all, once you have the feeling, our team are here to help you find your perfect block!

A range of block sizes are available so please don’t hesitate to visit or reach out so that we can help you find the right option for you and your family.

Offer valid between 8th July 2023 to 19th August 2023.


Terms and conditions:

  1. These terms and conditions apply to the Rebate Promotion (“Promotion”) offered by Balcon Group (“Balcon”).
  2. The Promotion only applies to Stage 17 at Balcon by Orana (“Lots”).
  3. The Promotion is only available for contracts of sale for Lots which are entered into between 8th July and 19th July (“Qualifying Contract”). If all Lots have been sold or allocated prior to that date, the Promotion may cease at Balcon’s absolute discretion.
  4. If a purchaser enters into a Qualifying Contract, the purchaser will be entitled to a rebate of up to $10,000 at settlement (“Rebate”), provided that the purchaser has:
  5. complied with all of the terms of the Qualifying Contract; and
  6. effects settlement of the Qualifying Contract on the due date.
  7. The Rebate will be adjusted in favour of the purchaser at settlement of the Qualifying Contract and results in a reduction of the balance of the purchase price payable by the purchaser at settlement. For the avoidance of doubt, the Rebate is not a payment made to the purchaser and cannot be applied to reduce the deposit payable by the purchaser or any other sum pursuant to the Qualifying Contract.
  8. The Qualifying Contract will state that the price of the Lot is the full price, not taking into account the Rebate. For example, if the price of a Lot (not taking into account the Rebate) is $360,000, the Qualifying Contract shall provide that the price is $360,000. If for any reason the purchaser does not qualify for the Rebate (for example, by not effecting settlement on the due date under the Qualifying Contract) the purchaser will be required to pay the price in the Qualifying Contract and will not receive the Rebate.
  9. Only one Rebate may apply, per Lot. The Rebate does not apply per purchaser if there are multiple purchasers.
  10. If a purchaser (or, if there are multiple purchasers, any one of them) purchases more than one Lot for which the Rebate applies (whether or not it has been paid or applied with respect to that other Lot), then the purchaser shall only be entitled to the Rebate for one Lot (which will be determined by Balcon).
  11. The Rebate is personal to the purchaser, and is not transferrable to a nominee or later purchaser of the Lot.
  12. The sale of a Lot will be subject to the conditions of the Qualifying Contract. To the extent of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the Qualifying Contract, terms of the the Qualifying Contract prevails.