Orana Town Centre – Latest Update

Posted in: Announcements

Following an extensive process in mid-2023 and our most recent update in September 2023 we are delighted to announce that Balcon Group has entered into a contract of sale with the Coles Group for the Orana Town Centre site.

The 3.5 hectare site is located at the South-West corner of Pattersons Road and Orana Boulevard, and is well located for Orana residents as well as residents of other nearby communities. In December 2023 Council approved the subdivision of the site which, pending further council and authority approvals, will become home to new retail town centre development for the residents of Orana, incorporating a Coles as well as several speciality retailers and service providers.

Over the course of 2024, Balcon will be delivering key road and servicing infrastructure to enable future development of the town centre.

Further updates will be provided over the course of 2024 as delivery milestones are achieved.