Sarah Larter from Wild Art

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Orana is a place where we want every individual, couple and family to feel valued as an integral part of our community and vision. For this reason, we wanted to mark the very special occasion of our first settlements with a thoughtful gift that reflected the value we place on art, sustainability and individuality, whilst supporting our wonderful local and regional businesses, creatives and artisans.

Here we introduce you to Sarah Larter from Wild Art, the artist; creator; mother of two; business owner extraordinaire behind the stunning bespoke resin and wood serving boards, exclusively designed for our Orana purchasers.

What is the main inspiration behind your designs? 

They are emotionally wrought using particular colours and techniques that remind me of strength, love, tranquillity and freedom. I love the abstract style as it allows the viewer to embrace the art on a personal level without distractions.

Do you have a background in Art or is Wild Art an evolution of your interest and passion?

I am a self-taught artist and initially enjoyed digital drawing and acrylics. Resin enhanced my passion and skill to a level that is both professional and ever-evolving. 

How did you feel about being asked to create Orana inspired boards for our purchasers? Ecstatic. My artwork is unique and contemporary, so to realise that it will be paired with brand new homes makes it all that more exciting.

Can you share with us any fun, imaginative ideas on how to use your board when entertaining? The boards can be used in almost any setting. For a romantic date night consider strawberries and chocolate dip. For game nights, try a themed platter displayed in a fun and creative way.  For larger events, cheese fondue can wow your guests and excite conversation. The boards are also perfect to take on beach trips and picnics.

To view more of Sarah’s beautiful artwork and designs visit: