Streetscape Landscaping

Posted in: Construction

Thoughtful landscaping is an investment that Balcon is committed to.

Landscaping brings benefits such as improving the overall aesthetic but also creating spaces that our residents want to use. 

Landscaping isn’t an afterthought for our Development Team, but something that we are passionate about and invested in from the early days of planning. 

Here are a few key points on the process associated with street landscaping: 

  • Landscaping typically occurs around 6 to 9 months after the registration of title on a stage. This approach is taken to allow time for house construction to occur. Delaying this process also minimises the damage caused by builders during the house construction process. This is because the heightened activity of various vehicle movements, supply deliveries, and management of the on-site construction materials and waste can have a very heavy impact on the nature strips.
  • Planting is typically timed according to seasonal planting windows. These windows are needed to allow sufficient time for plant establishment. It is important to plant trees and turf with enough time to establish in their new surroundings before the hot summer months or cold winter months, otherwise, the plants will struggle to survive. It’s also important to consider the growing times necessary for the plant stock to reach the required pot size before they are ready for planting on-site.
  • Planting delay on some stages might have occurred due to limited availability of plant stock as a consequence of the industry-wide shortages of trees during the COVID period.
  • Balcon’s contractors maintain landscaped areas for two years after initial installation. This is to ensure the presentation of our community is up to our highest standards. 

If you have any further queries on streetscape landscaping, please contact our friendly Community Manager Charlotte