We Are Orana – Jess & Ash

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Covid changed the course of their journey, leading them to their new home’
Jess and Ash are a couple of fun, easy-going, high achievers in their mid-twenties.
Ash is a qualified carpenter currently studying his Building Diploma while Jess is a disability support worker who typically works with children who have intellectual disabilities. She helps them implement strategies for day-to-day living such as getting them to and from school and working with their therapists to implement whatever behaviour support plans they’ve got.
It’s challenging, but it’s rewarding” says Jess.
Jess is originally from Fremantle in WA but came with her mother to live in the bayside suburbs. In high school she became friends with Ashs twin sister, also called Jess! Ash and Jess went to her formal together and their relationship began to blossom from then on.
Having both grown up by the water, they both like the outdoors – camping, four-wheel driving. Ash loves playing footy and Jess likes just about anything – in summer. Jess admits that, coming from Perth, “it was a little bit hard adjusting to the weather. I still kind of hate winter!”
Jess & Ash were set to travel overseas when the global pandemic brought their travelling plans to a halt. At this time, Jess was living in Officer in Melbourne’s South East while Ash was still bayside.
With travel plans on hold for an unknown time, Jess and Ash decided they would refocus their energy into saving to buy their first property. They started looking at established homes around southern bayside suburbs, but as Jess remembers, “the more we looked, the more we thought, oh my gosh, there’s just so much wrong with a lot of these houses. It’s not really worth it”. So again, they changed tack and started to look into building their own home.
They came across Orana – from there they fell in love with the idea of building. The same day they looked at the Orana Display Village, and bought a block of land to build on!
Ash has added some extras like decking and a pergola to his new home to make it more personal and strengthen his building skills. This has motivated him to get his building licence straightaway.
“Seeing a home done from start to finish, and being able to say you built that yourself, under your own name would be really cool.”
They both like the prospect of living in a new estate with growth opportunities and with a focus on the community and lifestyle. They want their home to be a happy place to relax and unwind in a community of inclusive, friendly people. This is important because they are interested in starting a family at some point in the future, whilst plans to get a puppy may unfold first!
Whilst Covid derailed Jess and Ash travel plans, it all worked out for the best in the end. They are now proud first-time home owners and happy to have found their new life at Orana!