Friendship Soars at Orana!

Posted in: Community

There’s a lot to celebrate when purchasers buy a home. Everything is exciting – new land, new house, new parks to explore and new amenities. It is sure an exciting time to have a new house and what better way to celebrate a new home than with friends! Orana is the perfect place for friends to come together and seven friends that have joined our community have demonstrated just this.

The long-time friends, who met each other through their shared love of providing care and comfort to the community when they’re unwell (yes, you guessed it – they’re nurses!) all purchased lots at Orana. We are absolutely delighted these friends all chose Orana to continue the next phase of their life journey and friendship.They had been searching for a long time to find a community that allowed them to live on the same street, next door to each other. They approached Mick Abbott of Core Projects with this special need. Core is a business that puts people before profit, everything they do is about delivering meaningful outcomes of real and lasting value, and facilitating connections between community. Mick was ‘excited to hear their story of friendship’. He informed Balcon and they were ecstatic to provide these friends their wish of living together in the community. Balcon believed this was a very special request that resonated with their values of connecting with loved ones and the community, so were eager to thank the nurses for their tireless efforts through the pandemic. Balcon and Core set aside the lots in stage 12 to their ‘exact requirements and helped them secure the blocks of their choice’.

Adding further to the unique situation, the purchases were made via a group Zoom meeting due to the Covid lockdowns at the time. To celebrate the nurse’s friendship, hard work and dedication to the community, Balcon surprised them all with the delivery of delicious hampers and wine for each nurse to enjoy throughout the meeting. The friends even started a name for their little community within a community: Ora-nurse! Rosario stated: ‘Thank you is not enough, really appreciate the special treatment we have… together with Oranurse!’

The friends all said that Orana was a special place to buy together because it was central to many services, had great walking paths planned, the block sizes were ideal and well-priced, lots of amenities and having parks as meeting places to connect with friends and the community.

We are very excited to welcome these seven local lifesavers to our Orana community. If finding a new home on the same street wasn’t exciting enough, they’ve taken it to new heights with a joy flight over our community! We are also looking forward to celebrating their purchases with a celebratory lunch at Flight Deck Bar & Grill.