Orana Park wins award for best park in City of Casey Design Excellence Awards

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We are thrilled to announce that our beloved Orana Park has WON the award for Great Places – Open Spaces and Parks at the City of Casey Design Excellence Awards.

A huge congratulations to the amazing Balcon team for their genuine commitment to providing the absolute best for our community, to Fitzgerald Frisby Landscape Architecture and LD Total for believing in our vision, and making it come to life. Thank you also to Geoffrey Ricardo and Shlomit Moria, the incredibly talented artists behind “The Watering Spirit” and the carved wooden animal sculptures.

Our dedication to creating a healthy, happy and sustainable community continues to pay off with both effectiveness and industry recognition. We’re both proud and privileged to be able to continue to deliver award-worthy work for our incredible community.

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Orana Park provides for a rich array of experiences and interests, through effective layering and integration of diverse elements and spaces. Its distinctive, bespoke and arts-driven design extends from the rideable circuit and daring play equipment with dramatic verticality, to sculptural entry statements large and small – a truly human scale experience.

The axial entry sequence is intersected by dynamic play spaces, and an inviting and protective canopy with active and restive equipment, for a broad range of age groups and interests. The park is framed by local streets and active house frontages. The result invites social interaction and supports safety and enjoyment in this valuable public asset.

Interested to learn more? Click here Casey Design Excellence Awards 2022 Booklet