We Are Orana – Arshad

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The sky’s the limit for one Orana home owner’
Arshad Wahid has a soft and kind nature, instantly making you feel at ease. Aside from his gentle spirit, Arshad is also a commercial pilot who flies out of Moorabbin airport.
Though born in Melbourne, Arshad spent most of his childhood years living overseas due to his parents’ work. As a young person, it had its challenges, especially socially. He never really had solid relationships as a teenager. His one constant was travelling on planes, this felt like a familiar and safe space to him.
“I found a sense of freedom, that space to be yourself, that sort of place where you didn’t have to fight to be accepted or follow any social trends.”
That sparked his ambition to become a pilot. To fund his training, Arshad was a manager at Bunnings for many years, a position to which he attributes his personal growth. He achieved his pilot’s licence while at high school. As he reflects and laughs, “I could fly to parts of Victoria for lunch, but I legally couldn’t drive a car down my own street!”
When Arshad chose a block of land at Orana, he met the sales team who asked him what he did for a living. When he told them, they were very interested.
Arshad recalls, “One of my flight paths on the way back to Moorabbin took me right over the estate. I dipped the wing very slightly to have a quick little look. I thought, ‘That’s where I’m going to be living. That’s my first house.’ That was very exciting!”
When Arshad sent the sales team a photo of what he’d seen from the air, they got an idea – why not create this opportunity for others? A few flights were organised by the Balcon and Core teams to take future Orana homeowners and a handful of our builder partners on a flight experience. What Arshad remembers are the smiles on their faces from being able to see the aerial view of their prospective home. He says, “That was more exciting than just flying people from A to B – very, very memorable.”
Having built a career he is passionate about; Arshad had his sights set on owning his own home. Covid destabilised the aviation industry and he wondered whether this would ruin his dream of buying a house at Orana. When Balcon made smaller lots available, Arshad saw the opportunity for a single income earner to own their own home. What also attracted him to Orana was the real sense of community feel, something that he wished he had in his younger years.
‘Home’ for Arshad is a place and environment where he can be himself, comfortably without pressure. However, wisdom has taught him the importance of community and the significance of creating strong connections for oneself and family. “It’s being aware that you are part of something bigger which you play a role in. We always need the support of others.”
Arshad’s next goal? “My current focus right now is working on my backyard, but I’m also hoping to fly over the estate and just keep snapping a few photos of over time, to see how everything is progressing. Orana is growing from all angles!”
For those interested in talking planes, flying, or viewing aerial footage of Orana, please reach out and we can connect you with Arshad.