What are the benefits of buying a townhouse?

Posted in: Construction

With homeownership changing in Australia and more and more buyers steering away from the traditional house, we are seeing a rise in homeowners choosing the very viable option of a Townhouse. 

Here are some benefits to owning a townhouse:

Low Maintenance
Living in a townhouse allows you to take the time to enjoy what you love in life! You can enjoy your space without spending all your free time tending to a large yard, making townhouse living very appealing.

Value for Money
Townhouses are usually priced lower than houses but offer similar space with the same number of bedrooms, it’s a great opportunity for first homeowners to get a foot into the property market.

Townhouses can be deceptively spacious with intelligent and functional design. Balcon is committed to partnering with builders that create innovative and individual floor plans, to provide premium and spacious townhouses for our customers.

Turnkey Solution
Full turn-key packages offer upfront prices with everything included, which simply means you’ve got everything you need to turn the key and just move in.

At Balcon, we carefully select the best sites for your new home, making sure it’s an appealing location for our residents. Key considerations include being near schools, parks, shops and public transport. 

So, if you’re looking for affordable housing that doesn’t compromise on quality, a Townhouse might be the perfect solution for you. To get started on your townhouse journey, get in touch with us today.